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Aluminum windows have been used in buildings since the past years. In recent years, the production of windows has made significant progress, so it is possible to use all kinds of aluminum windows for office, commercial or… buildings.

In this article, we examine the types of aluminum windows in terms of consumption profile and opening type. So follow us until the end of this article.

Types of aluminum windows in terms of consumption profile

Types of aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are divided into two categories, normal and thermal break, in terms of the profile used in their construction, which will be explained in more detail below.

1- thermal break aluminum windows

The Thermal Break profile actually consists of two separate aluminum profiles that are connected to each other by a polyamide blade.

Polyamide blade maintains its mechanical properties against heat, UV rays, water and chemicals, therefore it plays the role of an insulator in aluminum windows and prevents heat transfer.

The thermal break window is usually used to prevent the transfer of cold and heat from the inner wall to the outer wall and vice versa.

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2- Normal aluminum windows

Normal profiles in aluminum windows do not have a polyamide blade, and for this reason, they perform poorly in terms of thermal insulation compared to thermal break, but since they are made of aluminum, they are waterproof and have a good resistance to dust penetration.

Types of aluminum windows in terms of opening system

The windows open to different positions that allow the way and extent of access to the outside space. There are different opening systems in aluminum windows, which we will introduce each one below:

Single case aluminum window

In the model of single-mode aluminum windows, the window sash is opened and closed by a hinge, and its movement system is such that the sash rotates around the hinge (vertical axis). More clearly, these windows look very similar to normal windows. These window models have a reasonable price and are suitable for places where there are no obstacles (curtains, pots, etc.) in their way.

Two-way aluminum window

The hinge of these windows is adjustable and provides the possibility of opening the sash along the vertical axis and from above along the horizontal axis.

The two-way aluminum window has an average price economically and is used in different places.

Aluminum sliding window

This model is one of the most popular types of aluminum windows. In this system, the sash in the window frame is moved by special rollers and makes it possible to open and close the window. The insulation feature of this type of window is about 20% lower than other types of aluminum windows, so it is recommended not to use it in noisy, dusty and temperate areas. Aluminum sliding windows have an average price in terms of economy.

Aluminum accordion window

The opening and closing mode of accordion windows is similar to an accordion device. In this type of opening system, hinges and rollers are used so that the sashes are stacked on one side of the window frame.

The accordion aluminum window moves using hinges that are installed in reverse and rollers and rails that are placed at the top and bottom of the window frame. The accordion model is mostly used for places such as spaces overlooking large yards that require a large opening for movement.

Lift and slide aluminum window

The aluminum lift and slide window is actually a type of sliding window that can withstand very heavy sashes. In old sliding windows, there is a problem of sealing and air sealing, but in lift and slide windows, this problem has been largely solved by EPDM rubber.

In the lift and slide system, the window is mounted on two rails and several rollers that make it possible to move and open and close the window. Also, Lift & Slide windows provide you with a full view of the landscape.

Aluminum guillotine window

Guillotine windows are actually a type of sliding windows that are opened and closed horizontally or vertically with the help of a remote control and a motor.

Aluminum guillotine windows are usually large in size and provide access to the full opening space, so you can open your entire window.

Volkswagen aluminum window

The type of opening and closing of this type of aluminum window is similar to the door of a Volkswagen car. It is believed that this is the reason for its name. The opening mechanism of this window is such that by turning the handle, the sash opens from above at an angle of 30 degrees, and then it is placed on the rail from below.

At this time, the window can be moved to the sides. To close the window, you move the sash horizontally so that it moves inward and closes manually or automatically.

Pivot windows

Axial windows are one of the attractive models of aluminum windows where the sash rotates around the central axis (diameter) and the window opens and closes like this. This opening method is suitable for windows that have large dimensions.

French aluminum window

In this type of windows, the sashes are closed so that the handles are next to each other. When both flaps are open you will have access to the full opening space.

In this type of aluminum windows, there is the ability to open and close the sashes simultaneously and even individually. French windows are often used for villas and courtyard windows.

What are the characteristics of aluminum windows?

The features and specifications of aluminum windows are as follows:

  • These windows are lighter than iron windows, but they are more resistant.
  • Since they are light in weight, they are easy to install.
  • Aluminum windows are easy to clean and maintain and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • It is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled.
  • They can absorb or dissipate heat.
  • They are waterproof and do not get damaged in the vicinity of moisture.

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