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Today, types of double-glazed windows are used in buildings with various uses. Factors such as population growth in megacities, expansion of urbanization, increase in consumption of fossil fuels and reduction in their reserves have caused measures to be considered in building construction to reduce energy loss and control noise pollution, one of which is the use of double-glazed windows. .

In this article, we are going to get acquainted with the types of double-glazed windows from Mahia Panjere so that you can buy the best option depending on the characteristics of your building.

What is a double-glazed window?

The double-glazed window was invented in 1965 by a glass salesman in New York. Later, in Germany, double-glazed windows were mass-produced and replaced metal and wooden windows with the old system.

A double-glazed window is actually two glasses in one frame. Around the glass, there is an aluminum spacer strip to separate them, also the moisture in the air between the two glasses is absorbed by the silica gel dehumidifier.

Between these glasses are filled with inert gases such as argon, krypton or xenon and then completely sealed.

The thermal conductivity of these gases is very low, which prevents energy loss through the glass. However, it should be noted that energy loss can occur through the frame, so you should be careful in choosing the type of window frame.

What are the types of double-glazed windows?

If we want to check the types of double-glazed windows based on the opening system, they are:

  • Fixed double-glazed windows
  • Double-glazed, single-mode (hinged) windows
  • Two-way double-glazed windows
  • Double-glazed windows with three modes
  • Kalangi double-glazed windows
  • Guillotine double-glazed windows (panoramic)
  • Volkswagen double-glazed windows
  • Sliding double-glazed windows
  • French double-glazed windows
  • Lift and slide double-glazed windows
  • Circular double-glazed windows
  • Canopy double-glazed windows
  • Accordion double-glazed windows
  • Double bay windows

In the following, we will further examine each of these cases.

Factors affecting the price of double-glazed windows

Items have an effect on determining the price of building windows:

  • Dimensions and size of the window
  • The number of window openings
  • The type of profile used
  • The number of glass panes
  • Profile coloring method
  • Used fittings
  • Color and type of glass used (darkness, laminate, etc.)
  • Galvanized used for windows
  • The map in question

Mahiya Panjere, producer of all kinds of double-glazed windows

In this article, we tried to introduce all the double-glazed windows. Mahia Window Company is a manufacturer and supplier of double-glazed windows for various buildings (office, commercial, sports, residential, etc.) It has a reasonable price.

To place an order or receive advice, you can call 02188882020 or use the consultation request form.

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