About Mehya Panjere Company

The field of activity of Mehiya panjere company is designing, manufacturing and implementing all kinds of facade systems such as curtain wall and aluminum and UPVC (UPVC) doors and windows for residential, commercial, office, recreational buildings, etc., using the best and most up-to-date equipment and personnel. An experienced person provides his services to dear customers.

Mahia Panjreh’s head office is located in Abbas Abad business area of Tehran and industrial workshop in Alborz province, in the primary area of Mahdasht city.

During the past years, we have always tried to provide better services to our customers day by day, while improving our knowledge, expertise, experiences and making our human resources more efficient. In this way, we consider the economic and social conditions of our customers and try to offer our products and services at the most appropriate price.

Our products and services in two main sections with aluminum and UPVC raw materials include the production and implementation of all types of doors and windows as well as glass facades – frameless – curtain wall and spider. In addition, the implementation of louvres, dry ceramics and composites are other products and services of the company.

We have earned our credibility and the trust of our dear customers by providing the best products, timely execution and after-sales service.

Ordering steps

Providing advice and taking orders from customers
Order processing and providing executive details with proforma invoice
Announcing the approval of the plan and details by the customer
made a contract
Financial approval
Sending the executive plan to the production and preparation unit
Implementation of quality control
Transporting goods and materials to the installation site
Implementation of installation and delivery along with teaching the correct use to the customer
Support and after-sales service


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