Aluminum guillotine window

Guillotine windows are a subset of sliding windows, with the difference that they move up and down or vice versa, and its operation is completely electric and using a remote control.


The guillotine aluminum window is one of the most stylish and newest types of windows that are often used in European-style buildings. In the following, the guillotine window and its specifications are introduced. Stay with us.

Aluminum guillotine window

The guillotine or panoramic window is a subset of sliding windows, with the difference that they move up and down or vice versa, and its operation is fully electric and using a remote control.
The guillotine aluminum window is actually a type of glass facade for the building. This type of window gives full access to the opening space and the entire multi-pane window can be opened.
The maximum dimensions of panoramic windows are 4 meters wide and 3 meters high.

Advantages of aluminum guillotine windows

They are the newest and most attractive window models.

They create a wide view, while having the possibility of access and opening almost completely.

They provide enough light for the interior environment.

You can use all kinds of double-glazed and triple-glazed glass, which have high insulation.

Due to the use of tempered glass, they have a high level of safety.

They are insulated against noise, heat and cold.

They prevent the passage of dust, insects and vermin, snow, rain and moisture.

It can be connected to the intelligent building system.

In what places is guillotine aluminum window used?

These windows are most widely used in luxury restaurants, hotels, reception halls, exhibitions, shopping centers, commercial buildings, villas, penthouses, roof gardens, terraces, swimming pools, etc.

Aluminum guillotine window components

The aluminum guillotine window generally consists of 4 parts, which are:

Window motor: The motor is one of the most important components of the electric window, and without it and the electric power, you cannot use the panoramic window. The higher the power of the engine, the more durable it can be used in large projects.

Metal window fittings and connections: In guillotine windows, metal connections must be made with quality and in a standard way because the smallest defect can cause problems in sealing the window. Things such as not allowing dust to pass, preventing the penetration of cold air and humidity, all depend on the quality of the metal fittings and connections used in the window. Chain or belt fittings are used in guillotine windows. Chain fittings are used in windows that have large dimensions and help to increase the useful life of the window. Strap hardware is used for windows that are small in size but make a slight noise when the window opens and closes.

Window glass: Aluminum guillotine window glass has good impact and pressure resistance. These glasses have different dimensions and thicknesses. Their thickness starts from 8 mm and reaches 20 mm for double-glazed glass. As we mentioned above, their maximum dimensions are 4 meters wide and 3 meters high. Colored glass is available for these windows, which can create a special and eye-catching effect. In quality types of panoramic windows, tempered glass is used, which has good safety against impact.

Aluminum profiles: engine compartment, rails and guillotine window frame are made of aluminum. If the necessary standards are not observed in the design and construction of these, the guillotine window will not perform well. It is interesting to know that the aluminum profiles of the window frame can be installed in various colors and designs that provide a beautiful and diverse effect for the interior and facade of the building.

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