What is aluminum profile?

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Aluminum profile is one of the main materials in various industries. Today, the production of various industries depends on metal because they use metal in at least the smallest part of their production.

Every metal has specific physical and chemical properties, but among these, aluminum is the most used. Aluminum is also used in construction. It should be noted that this metal is made into profiles so that it is easy to use in various industries.

If you want to know what aluminum profile is, what are its types and what are its uses, don’t miss reading this article.

Introduction to aluminum profile

Introduction to aluminum profile

Aluminum profile refers to long pieces with a certain cross-sectional area and different weights, which are used for construction and industrial purposes. There are three types of aluminum profiles in the market: industrial, construction and exclusive.

Aluminum profile is produced in such a way that first its raw material (aluminum billet) is placed under very high pressure and heat and then it is passed through special molds to get the desired shape.

What are the types of aluminum profiles in the door and window industry?

Aluminum profiles that are used to make doors and windows are produced in three types: normal, thermal break and wooden aluminum. Normal profiles are made in two types, Cronite and ST, and ST type has better quality and features, so it is more useful.

Windows that are made with thermal break profile work optimally against energy loss because the empty space between the inner part is covered with polyamide belt, which reduces energy loss; If normal windows have a lot of energy loss.

In addition to the ability to withstand heat up to 220 degrees and cold up to -50 degrees Celsius, thermal break windows bring a special beauty to your building.

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Wooden aluminum windows are double-layered, that is, the inner layer is wood and the outer layer is aluminum. This combination gives a beautiful and attractive appearance to the window.

As mentioned above, aluminum profiles are available in the market in three forms: industrial, construction and exclusive. Of course, there are other types of aluminum profiles in the market, which are also known as fabric (grade one) and conversion or waste. In this section, we examine the first category.

1- Industrial aluminum profile

The quality level of this category of profiles is low compared to others, but it has features that make it used in various industries. Industrial aluminum profiles are used in the construction of cabinet shelves, furniture, air conditioning, channel cable system, heat sink, etc.

2- Construction aluminum profile

Despite their light weight, these profiles have very high torsional bending and are used for solar panel frames, work platforms, and the like.

3- Dedicated aluminum profile

The cross section of these types of profiles is very important. Dedicated profiles are used for the production of doors, windows and curtain wall facades.

What is the use of aluminum profile?

Types of aluminum profiles

Aluminum profile is used in many industries, we briefly mention each of them:

  • Agriculture industry
  • Metallurgical industries
  • construction
  • Manufacturing engineering tools and factory machines
  • Production of cans and packaging industries
  • High voltage power towers
  • Production of household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators and freezers, air cooling systems, etc.)
  • And …

Advantages of using aluminum profile

Aluminum profiles can be assembled serially, and this is considered an advantage. In addition, they can be designed in different ways. The size of the advantages of aluminum profiles are:

  • They are durable and strong.
  • Their ideal cross section makes them easy to use.
  • They are light weight.
  • They are easy to transport.
  • They are durable and do not corrode or rust.
  • They can be used in any type of geographical area (wet, hot and dry, etc.).
  • Their installation process does not take much time.
  • are recyclable.
  • They have a lot of variety.
  • Covering can be used on them.

قیمت پروفیل آلومینیوم و پنجره‌­های آلومینیومی به چه عواملی بستگی دارد؟

قیمت درب و پنجره‌­های آلومینیومی به متغیر­های زیادی از جمله ابعاد قاب پنجره و سیستم بازشوی آن، وزن پروفیل (گرم بر متر)، نوع شیشه استفاده شده (دوجداره یا سه­ جداره)، مکانیزم قفل، یراق آلات بکار رفته، رنگ آمیزی و پوشش دهی پروفیل، سطح کیفی آلومینیوم استفاده شده (شمش آلومینیوم یا ضایعات آلومینیومی)، نوع پروفیل آلومینومی مصرفی (نرمال یا ترمال بریک)، برند پروفیل­‌ها، میزان عرضه و تقضا و مهم­‌تر از همه نرخ ارز بستگی دارد.

نکات طلایی خرید پروفیل آلومینیوم

قبل از خرید هر محصولی می‌بایست اطلاعاتی را راجع به آن کسب کرد. در ادامه نکاتی را پیرامون پروفیل آلومینیوم آورده‌ایم و لازم است قبل از خرید به آن‌ها توجه کنید.

  • The surface of the anodized aluminum profile should not have electrical burns.
  • The aluminum profile that is painted by powder method should have a smooth, even surface without cracks or wrinkles.
  • The appearance of the profile greatly affects the effect of the decoration. Therefore, the surface of the profile must have a protective layer to prevent scratches, corrosion and impact during transportation.
  • The thickness of the profile wall has a great impact on the strength of the final product, so it should not be less than 1.4 mm.

last word

Aluminum profile is extruded in different ways and is used in different industries according to the manufacturing method and the alloys used in it. One of these industries is the manufacture of aluminum doors and windows.

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