Types of window glass

انواع شیشه پنجره دوجداره

Types of window glass are divided into several cases that we will mention in this article. Each type of window glass has different capabilities and uses and plays a very important role in beautifying and increasing productivity in the building. To choose one of these types of products, things like thermal insulation, sound insulation, strength, […]

Types of window models in terms of opening

انواع مدل پنجره از نظر بازشو

To choose a suitable double-glazed window, you must have complete information about the types of double-glazed windows in terms of the opening system. We check all types of window models at Mahya Panjare and you can buy the aluminum or UPVC double-glazed window you need from us. Types of window models in terms of opening […]

Types of double-glazed windows

Today, types of double-glazed windows are used in buildings with various uses. Factors such as population growth in megacities, expansion of urbanization, increase in consumption of fossil fuels and reduction in their reserves have caused measures to be considered in building construction to reduce energy loss and control noise pollution, one of which is the […]

Types of aluminum windows

Aluminum windows have been used in buildings since the past years. In recent years, the production of windows has made significant progress, so it is possible to use all kinds of aluminum windows for office, commercial or… buildings. In this article, we examine the types of aluminum windows in terms of consumption profile and opening […]

What is aluminum profile?

Aluminum profile is one of the main materials in various industries. Today, the production of various industries depends on metal because they use metal in at least the smallest part of their production. Every metal has specific physical and chemical properties, but among these, aluminum is the most used. Aluminum is also […]

The difference between aluminum and UPVC windows

Knowing the difference between aluminum and UPVC windows is of great importance for people who want to have the efficiency and modernity of the window together. The reason for all these discussions and different opinions about the difference between aluminum and UPVC windows is due to the material used in their construction and other differences. […]

What is decorative glass and what is its use?

شیشه دکوراتیو

Decorative glass is one of the types of glass that has many uses and is used in many cases. A lot of variety can be seen in this type of glass, and the way these products are made and produced is different from each other, and its special designs have different production methods from each […]

Methods of cleaning window glass

روش های تمیز کردن شیشه پنجره

Cleaning the window glass and various domestic and chemical methods is the topic of today’s window preparation article. The cleanliness of the living environment gives people a good feeling, while its dirt creates mental confusion. One of the most important aspects of home cleaning is cleaning its windows. The window is the way for light, […]

Window sealing methods

روش های درزگیری پنجره

Window sealing methods help you avoid wasting energy in the cold and hot seasons. Sealing the windows has many advantages, which in addition to preventing energy wastage, prevents noise from entering the building and also prevents annoying environmental noises from entering the building. Aluminum and uPVC windows are the most used in buildings today. These […]

Guide to buying double-glazed windows

راهنمای خرید پنجره دوجداره

The guide for buying double-glazed windows is very important for a safe and suitable purchase, and before buying double-glazed windows, you should get advice and guidance from experts in this field in order to make the best choice. Today, double-glazed windows have a lot of variety and there are many types of them available in […]



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