Window film

In addition to preventing the entry of harmful UV rays, these window films prevent overheating of the indoor environment by reflecting the heat energy of the sun up to 79% and also acts as a security protection against greenhouse effects.


Glass film window

Window film is the same as a glass sticker; Window film is a transparent and thin layer that consists of several thinner layers. These thin layers include an adhesive layer, a UV protection layer, a metallic layer (to repel the sun’s heat), a reinforcing layer, and an impact-resistant silicone layer. Each of these thin layers has characteristics that create optimal performance in the film window. which you will get to know in detail and you can contact us to place an order.

What are the advantages of using window film for glass?

Using glass film windows can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce the ingress of disturbing noise from outside the building to a certain extent.
  • Increase the security of the glass against impact.
  • It prevented the spread of broken and crushed glass pieces in the surrounding environment.
  • To overcome the weakness of heat transfer insulation in glass against the sun to a great extent.

What are the features of glass film window?

Window movies generally have features that include:

Strengthening the glass against shocks caused by earthquakes, shocks, explosions, etc.
Delay in breaking the glass
Preventing glass from falling after breaking
Protection and prevention of harmful UV rays
Invisible security fence
Maintain the original transparency of the glass
No color change and tarnishing over time

Types of glass film windows

There are different types of window films, each of which has its own characteristics and uses. The types of window film are:

  1. Security film window
  2. Solar film window
  3. Window decorative film

In the following, we will go through the full review of each one.

1- Window glass safety-security sticker

Due to the high tensile strength of the window films and the creation of a strong connection between the film and the glass by a special adhesive layer, a high level of safety and security has been created. and prevents shedding.

Window security films protect glass against natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and storms, explosions and bullets. In general, wherever glass protection is needed, window film is used to protect property and more importantly, people.

2- Window solar glass films

In addition to preventing the entry of harmful UV rays, this type of stickers prevents overheating of the indoor environment by reflecting the heat energy of the sun up to 79% and also acts as a security protection against the effects of greenhouses.

The protective role is the use of two layers of polyester and one layer of special glue, and it can also be used for all glasses.

Solar window films reduce the amount of heat entering from the sun.

3- Glass decorative labels

Decorative glass stickers with various colors and designs bring the possibility of any type of decoration according to your taste. These beautiful stickers can be used in office and commercial partitions and generally give you beauty at the lowest cost.

How is the glass film window installed?

Installing these window films is very easy, but it must be done carefully to maintain the beauty of the work. For this, the surface of the glass must be clean of any pollution, dust and grease. It is recommended to spray the mixture of water and dishwashing liquid on the glass and wipe the glass with a tissue or paper. Check the size of the bottle and label. Wet the sticky part of the label with spray and fix it on the glass. Then empty the air and voids under the label with a tool such as a spatula or a ruler so that no bubbles remain under it. Cut off the excess parts. If you see that the edges of the work are rising, you can glue it using the heat of the hair dryer.


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