Composite facade of the building

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Aluminum composite facade (Composite facade) as the name of this facade is clear, consists of high quality and special aluminum sheets. In the term, the aluminum sheets used in the composite facade are called panels, which have different dimensions and shapes, and after designing and cutting, these panels are connected to the outer wall of the building and make the overall appearance of the building. Designers and builders of buildings are not limited to using bricks, stones and such materials for facades, but there are various materials for this work. One of the stylish and modern facades today is this facade, which we are going to discuss in detail in this article.

Introducing the composite view

The composite facade was designed and implemented for the first time in Germany, but at that time, due to the limitations in the design of the facade, this work was not well received. With the passage of time and the progress of architecture, the composite facade was noticed by architects and its use became popular. The aluminum composite sheet consists of one layer of polyethylene material with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm and two layers of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. There is also a layer of epoxy resin lining and a PVDF layer to keep the color stable, and a film layer is placed on the surface of the composite sheet for protection.

There are many varieties of aluminum composite sheets and each of them has a different application and quality.

Advantages of using composite facade for building

The following are some of the advantages of composite facades:

  • They have little weight.
  • They give a stylish and modern look to the facade of the building.
  • They are resistant to earthquakes and fire.
  • They are good sound and thermal insulation.
  • They are durable and have a long lifespan.
  • They do not have magnetic properties and do not corrode in the vicinity of moisture.
  • They are stable against various environmental conditions (strong sun, humidity, cold and heat).
  • In the design of this facade, if the sealing is done well, rainwater will not penetrate under the facade.
  • It is possible to wash.
  • It has many color variations.
  • It is easy to transport and assemble in a short period of time.
  • Using it, you can create various designs even on difficult surfaces such as arches.

Disadvantages of using composite facade

In contrast to the advantages, this view has disadvantages that must be considered before implementation:

  • The finished price of this view is high.
  • The use of this facade is not efficient for very tall buildings because it loses its resistance and deforms against unfavorable weather conditions (wind and storm).
  • Due to the thinness and lightness of the aluminum composite sheets, it does not have much resistance against impact and pressure, and it suffers from rustling.
  • This facade gains mass by absorbing suspended particles in the air. It should be noted that static colors can be used to solve this problem, but it is expensive.

What components does the composite view have?

This facade consists of an aluminum sheet, a layer of polyester paint, nano paint, glue, protective coating and polyethylene layer.

The price of the composite facade of the building

The thickness of the composite sheet, the material of its middle layer, the type of alloy used in it and the color of the outer layer are all involved in the price of this facade. In addition, the execution method of this view also determines the price. In general, the following are effective in determining the cost of the composite facade:

  • The price of used composite sheets
  • facade infrastructure
  • The cost of installing composite sheets
  • The cost of facade design
  • Other side costs

اجرای نمای کامپوزیت در تهران

شهر تهران به‌عنوان پایتخت کشور پرجمعیت ترین شهر ایران است. میزان ساخت و ساز در این شهر از چندین سال گذشته به طور چشمگیری افزایش یافته است.

یکی از نماهای زیبا و شکیل برای ساختمان‌های شهر تهران نمای کامپوزیت است که با ورق‌های کامپوزیت معمولی یا رنگی قابل اجرا است.

لازم به ذکر است که پیش از اجرای این نما باید زیرسازی به صورت اصولی انجام شود. بنابراین پیشنهاد می‌شود پروژه خود را به مجموعه‌ای بسپارید تا علاوه بر تخصص و تجربه از ظرافت در عمل برخوردار باشند.

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