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Safety glass and its types are the subject of today’s article; Stay with us.

As you know, the technology of making and producing windows has progressed a lot. On the other hand, today, glasses have been produced that have more strength and quality and are used in various places, which are called safety glass. These glasses provide more safety for your workplace or residence so that you can have peace of mind.

In this article, we are going to learn about safety glass and its types. If you are interested in this field, do not miss reading this article.

Introduction to safety glass
For many people, the question arises, what is safety glass? In response, it should be said that glasses that are resistant to impact and pressure are called safety glass. These glasses are reinforced during manufacture to be highly resistant to breaking and to minimize the possibility of personal injury and property damage. It should be noted that if they are subjected to excessive force, they will break safely and safely, but they do not have the strength of ordinary glasses.

Safety glasses perform well in critical and damaging conditions such as earthquakes, explosions, wind and impact, so they are used in places where security is very important.

Types of safety glasses
When safety glass is used in a window, it gives security to that window. The types of windows in which safety glass is used are:

1- Anti-theft window
The window can be the access point for thieves to enter the house, workplace or shop. For this reason, there are solutions to prevent different people from entering the environment to maintain the security of the environment. One of them is the use of anti-theft windows and anti-theft glasses.

The components that make the window anti-theft include: window profile, double-glazed anti-theft glass, fittings and handles.

If the window profile is produced according to global standards, it will be more safe. In addition, the use of galvanized has an effect on the anti-theft of the window. The design of the window manufacturing company is also important. The design of the window should not be in such a way that its sash is placed in the outer environment, because in this case, thieves can enter the interior by removing the sash.

Breaking the glass is the first way that comes to the mind of the thief, but by using anti-theft glass, you can provide more safety for the environment. Anti-theft glass is usually available in two types, laminated and Viguard.

Laminated glass consists of double-glazed glass, a regular or toughened glass, and PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) layers, which are glued together with high pressure and heat. Laminated glass is more secure than normal glass.

The presence of PVB talcs in between the walls prevents the broken particles from spreading in the surrounding environment if the glass is broken. This strong adhesive property prevents thieves from entering.

Viguard anti-theft glasses have different types and are produced through complex and special processes. To ensure the strength of Viguard glasses, a bullet test is performed on them. In the manufacture of Viguard glasses, PVB coating, polyurethane coating, polycarbonate coating and several layers of glass are used to have anti-theft and bulletproof properties.

The design of window fittings should be such that thieves cannot open it with tools or applying pressure. For this purpose, mushroom pins can be used to ensure the security of doors and windows.

Door and window handles can be keyed to prevent different people from entering the interior.

2- Soundproof window
If you want to minimize noise pollution inside, you can use UPVC windows with double-glazed glass. In these windows, two panes of glass are placed parallel to each other and the empty space between them is filled with inert gases such as argon to insulate the window against sound.

3- Bulletproof window
Safe fittings and bulletproof glass are used in this type of windows. Bulletproof glass is the same as laminated glass, which consists of several layers of ordinary glass and several layers of PVB. The greater the thickness and the number of layers used, the stronger the glass will be.

The point that needs to be mentioned is that these glasses do not prevent a strong impact, but rather delay its effects and reduce the intensity of the impact so that the bullet does not advance much and remains inside the glass, but firing several bullets in a row can cause Destroy these glasses.

4- Explosion-proof window
Explosion-proof glass is used in these windows. Explosion-proof glass is highly resistant to the wave and energy from the explosion.

When the explosion occurs, these glasses remain in the window frame and the possibility of throwing broken glass pieces is minimized. Explosion-proof glass is often used in sensitive centers such as refineries, control rooms and places where there is a possibility of explosion.

5- Fireproof window
Fireproof windows are made of UPVC profile and fireproof glass. UPVC profile can withstand heat up to high temperatures and does not lose its efficiency. Fireproof glass is actually a type of laminated glass, which is made with special talaqs.

These glasses do not break in the vicinity of fire, but expand and become a protector with an opaque and hard state. This feature makes less heat transfer through the glass and people leave the environment under controlled conditions.

Wired, clear, ceramic and tempered glass are types of fireproof glass.

6- Waterproof window
The waterproofness of the window goes back to its insulation. In double-glazed windows, it is possible to insulate and seal to prevent the penetration of moisture in different seasons of the year.

For this purpose, after installing the window, they use silicone mastic glue or foam to seal around the window to seal the window.

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