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Aluminum window colors and aluminum profile painting methods are the subject of today’s discussion, which you will get to know completely and expertly.

Today, manufacturers of door and window industry are facing a great demand for the implementation of aluminum colors. In fact, due to the advantages of aluminum doors and windows, people prefer to use them. With the use of aluminum colors, you can give a soul and a beautiful effect to the internal and external architecture of the building.

In this article, we are going to learn about aluminum colors and aluminum window painting methods. So stay with us.

Advantages of using aluminum doors and windows

Before examining the types of aluminum colors, it is better to discuss the merits of using aluminum doors and windows.

Aluminum windows do not corrode or rust in the vicinity of moisture, and in addition, they are durable and lightweight. If double-glazed glass is installed inside aluminum frames, it will not bend.

Thermal break aluminum windows maintain the peace and temperature inside the environment because they have sound and thermal insulation.
Using aluminum, it is possible to design large windows and various opening systems such as single-mode, two-mode, etc., otherwise this is not possible for some materials.

It may be interesting to you that the aluminum window can be painted in such a way that each side has a different color. These windows provide good security for the indoor environment of the house, company or shop against theft and the entry of different people.

All kinds of aluminum window colors

Aluminum windows have a variety of colors, including black, white, gold, orange, blue, etc., which are available in the market. The selection of each of these colors in various ranges depends on factors such as the client’s taste, architectural style, matching with the decoration and the like.

For example, one of the most widely used colors in aluminum doors and windows is the color of wood design, which can be used to decorate the beauty of wood design and benefit from the benefits of aluminum windows.

White color can be matched with most colors and decoration models, that’s why this color is used a lot.

The champagne color of aluminum windows is one of the special and eye-catching colors that gives a luxurious look to the window and home and has its fans.

Before painting the window, you must first choose the desired color from the quality, and then the profiles are sent to the factories that perform this work to be painted. But it should be noted that each factory has its own color quality, whose color codes are different from the color codes of other companies.

Therefore, you should choose the desired color from the quality of the factory where the painting order is given.

Methods of painting aluminum doors and windows

Some people ask if aluminum can be painted. The answer is yes; But how does this happen? In the following, we mention and discuss the methods of painting aluminum window profiles.

1- Powder method (electrostatic)
One of the ways to paint the aluminum profile is the powder or electrostatic method. The color applied to the profiles with this method is of good quality.

Among the features of this color, we can mention the resistance to the harmful rays of the sun, the absence of corrosion and rust, as well as various colors.

The method of applying powder paint is as follows: first, the substructure of the profiles is done for painting, and then the profiles are placed on the positions connected to the conveyor belt so that the painting work is done uniformly by special devices.

After this stage, the profiles are placed in the oven for 15 minutes to bake the colors. After the color baking is finished, the profiles are separated to cool and then it is time for quality control and packaging.

2- Decoral method
One of the common methods of painting aluminum profiles is decorative paint, by which a beautiful effect of wood design or stone design is imprinted on the desired surface. This color is one of the types of powder colors.

The decoral painting method is that first, the surface of the aluminum profile is covered with a special powder coating for decoral paint, and then the profile is placed in the furnace to find the necessary preparation. It should be noted that decorative designs are in the form of polymer films.

The powder coating does the work of the foundation so that the films can be well placed on the profile. The base color gives the final product a good quality so that it has good resistance against various weather conditions, rust and corrosion, etc.

3- Anodizing method
One of the methods by which colored aluminum windows are made is the anodizing method. Anodize coloring process is based on chemical interactions.

In simpler terms, aluminum profiles are placed in paint pools for several days to be painted. The color spectrum of the profiles depends on the time they are in the pond. Painting aluminum in this method takes more time than the powder method, but the colors go well with the metal.

The range of anadize colors is gold, cream, silver and black.

Anodized and powder colors are both of good quality, but the range of powder colors is more detailed and people who care a lot about this issue should use powder colors.

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