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upvc چیست ، عنوان مقاله امروز شرکت مهیا پنجره است که در این مطلب با پروفیل یو پی وی سی به طور کامل آشنا خواهید شد.

What is upvc?

Light weight, flexibility, non-flammability, insulation against heat and electricity, resistance to chemical and biological substances, the ability to transform into smooth surfaces, the ability to combine with various additives, and finally, the flexibility to use multiple designs, have made the said polymer the most suitable alternative to metal and non-metal alloys in the door and window industry.

Poly Vinyl Chloride was accidentally discovered in the 19th century in two different situations. In 1926, Waldo Semon invented upvc by mixing PVC with additives.

The result was a more flexible material that was easy to use and very soon its use was expanded for commercial purposes.

The basic material of modern UPVC doors and windows consists of the abbreviation of the words Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride.

This material is a type of modern thermoplastic consisting of the main derivatives of crude oil and table salt, and in the production process of UPVC, various materials such as shock absorbers, stabilizers, anti-combustion materials, fillers, helpers, industrial colors and lubricants are added to it, which makes it useful as a door and window profile.

UPVC profile from -62 to +81 degrees Celsius, there will be no changes in terms of color fading and bending or curvature.

These products are not only compatible with the environment, but also have a significant difference from common products and are designed in a way that matches the weather conditions of Iran.

UPVC components:

Stabilizer: This is an additive that stabilizes the color and thermal resistance of the profile against sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and it is also effective in the gloss of the profile surface.

Impact Modifier: This material adjusts and stabilizes the resistance of the profile against impact.

Titanium dioxide (Tio2): This additive is used to whiten the color of the profile and also to make it resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Calcium carbonate (caco3): This substance is used as a filler. Calcium carbonate should be coated and used with proper granulation.

In addition to the adverse effect on the elasticity resistance of other properties of the product, the use of the inferior type of this material also causes the corrosivity of the birth equipment.


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