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The thermal break window is one of the latest achievements of the aluminum industry. As you know, aluminum is a conductive metal, so aluminum windows transfer heat. To solve this problem, thermal break profile is used in the construction of aluminum doors and windows.

The literal meaning of thermal break is thermal break and as its name suggests, it prevents heat transfer. In thermal break windows, there is a special layer between the aluminum profile walls that prevents energy loss in aluminum windows. This special layer is called polyamide, which is sewn to the profile by the machine and minimizes the possibility of cold, heat and vibration penetration.

What is thermal break?

What is thermal break?

The thermal break profile consists of two inner and outer profiles, which are connected by a polyamide blade. This blade can withstand temperatures from -50 to +220 degrees and acts as an insulator between the inner and outer body of the profile, so heat transfer in aluminum windows is minimized; Or in another definition, thermal break is a heat insulation system that prevents heat exchange between two structures.

What are the features of thermal break windows?

Since these windows have a polyamide blade, they are insulated against sound, heat and moisture, and they increase the efficiency of energy efficiency; They also prevent noise pollution from entering the indoor environment. These windows are lightweight, but this light weight does not make them perform poorly against strong winds.

Thermal break windows can be ordered in the colors of your choice. It should be noted that these windows are painted in the furnace so that they do not spill.

What are the advantages of thermal break windows?

These windows have many advantages, including:

  • They are good insulators against moisture, heat and sound pollution.
  • They have little weight.
  • They are non-flammable and do not change state in the vicinity of flame.
  • They are beautiful and have many color variations.
  • In addition to being light weight, they have good resistance to wind pressure.
  • They can be ordered in various sizes and designs.
  • They are compatible with the environment because they can be recycled.
  • All types of double-glazed, triple-glazed glass can be used in these windows.
  • They are resistant to environmental factors such as strong sun, rain, etc. and do not change their state.
  • They can be ordered in different models (Volkswagen, Canopy, Hinge, Lift and Slide, Guillotine, etc.).
  • They do not need constant service and repair.
  • They have good security against earthquakes and theft.
  • In case of failure, its spare parts are easily found in the market.

What are the disadvantages of thermal break windows?

The price of these windows is calculated based on the weight of aluminum used. This makes its price higher than other windows. Also, the fittings used in thermal break aluminum windows usually have a high price. It is true that the cost of thermal break windows is high, but in the long run it can save on side costs (such as the cost of gas consumption).

Thermal break aluminum window price

در محاسبه‌ی قیمت پنجره آلومینیومی ترمال بریک عوامل متعددی دخیل هستند که در ادامه آن‌ها را بررسی می‌کنیم:

  1. برند پروفیل بکار رفته: در میان پروفیل‌های مصرفی در پنجره های ترمال بریک می‌توان به بندینی، آکپا، کوثر و کرفت مولر اشاره کرد که همگی جزء تولیدات باکیفیت ایرانی در این حوزه محسوب می‌شوند.
  2. ابعاد پنجره: ابعاد پنجره در قیمت پنجره تاثیرگذار است زیرا هر چه ابعاد پنجره بزرگ‌تر باشد پروفیل، شیشه ومتعلقات بیشتری در آن بکار می‌رود.
  3. نوع بازشو: نوع بازشوی پنجره (لولایی، دوحالته، کشویی، آکاردئونی، فولکس واگنی و …) در تعیین قیمت پنجره تاثیر دارد.
  4. برند یراق آلات: برند یراق آلات بکار رفته در پنجره های آلومینیومی ترمال بریک در محاسبه‌ی قیمت آن‌ها تاثیر بسزایی دارد زیرا بعضی از برندهای یراق آلات از کیفیت مطلوبی برخوردار نیستند و عملکرد و کارایی پنجره را مختل می‌‌کنند. از طرفی با پرداخت هزینه بیشتر بابت برخی برندها از دوام و کیفیت آن‌ها مطمئن خواهید بود.
  5. کیفیت لاستیک‌های هوابندی و آب‌بندی بکار رفته: همانطور که می‌دانید کیفیت متعلقاتی که در ساخت درب و پنجره بکار می‌رود، حائز اهمیت است زیرا در ساخت و سرهم بندی درب و پنجره های ترمال بریک نقش مهمی دارند.
  6. نوع شیشه: ضخامت، برند و رنگی بودن شیشه از جمله عوامل تعیین کننده‌ی قیمت شیشه هستند. همچنین استفاده از شیشه سکوریت یا لمینیت کردن شیشه معمولی در قیمت نهایی این پنجره‌ها تاثیرگذار هستند.

What is the difference between a thermal break window and a normal window?

The difference between these windows is the absence of a polyamide blade in the normal type, and for this reason, it may be weaker than thermal break in terms of sound, heat and humidity insulation. But don’t worry because if double or triple glass is used in the normal window and on the other hand, the window is sealed and air-sealed using gasket and rubber, you will see proper performance.

final word

In this article, we tried to give you useful and practical information about thermal break aluminum windows. By using thermal break windows, you can control the amount of energy consumption and prevent its wastage.

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