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Aluminum window installation

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The installation of aluminum windows and its method has a great impact on its performance and durability. In recent years, the advantages of aluminum windows, including elegance, beauty, light weight and insulation, have led people to choose these types of windows for their office or home.

Installing an aluminum window is a task that must be done by experts in the field so that the window has its optimal performance.

In the construction industry, the window is very important in such a way that if it is not selected and installed correctly, the supervising engineers will not approve it. In addition, most people know that a large part of energy loss occurs through doors and windows.

For this reason, the demand for installing aluminum doors and windows has increased in recent years, and some people even replace their windows with this type. But what should be noted at this time is that the installation of the window should be done by an experienced and skilled team.

In this article, we intend to provide you with information about aluminum windows and how to install them. So stay with us.

Aluminum doors and windows

In order to get to know you more, in this section, we examine aluminum doors and windows from different dimensions.

Aluminum door and window profiles

In the market, aluminum door and window profiles are offered in two types, normal and thermal break, which differ from each other in terms of price and performance.

Thermal break profiles are actually two separate aluminum sections that are connected to each other by a polyamide blade. This blade prevents the transfer of heat from the inner wall to the outer wall and vice versa, thus saving energy consumption in different seasons. This type of profile has a higher price than normal types.
Normal aluminum profiles do not have a polyamide blade, and this has caused them to transfer heat easily and energy loss occurs; As a result, in this sense, they work weaker than the types of thermal breaks.

Painting structure of aluminum profiles

In general, aluminum profiles are painted in two ways: powder and anodized.

In the powder method, the profile is painted and then placed in the oven to bake the color.

In the anodizing method, aluminum windows are placed in color pools to be colored by the chemical interactions of the profiles.

All types of aluminum windows

According to the opening model, aluminum windows are divided into the following types:

  • Aluminum sliding windows
  • Single case aluminum windows
  • Two-way aluminum windows
  • Kalangi aluminum windows
  • French aluminum windows
  • Lift & Slide aluminum windows
  • Aluminum accordion windows
  • Volkswagen aluminum windows (Tilt Slide)
  • Aluminum guillotine windows
  • Aluminum awning windows
  • Pivot aluminum windows

To see the types of aluminum windows and UPVC windows, visit our products page.

What are the stages of manufacturing aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows are made according to the following steps:

  • First, it is designed using special software for your project.
  • Then the profiles are cut according to the determined size.
  • Chambers for draining water are created on the profiles.
  • Holes are made on the profile to install the handle.
  • It is placed inside the galvanized work and then it is screwed.
  • The profiles are welded together.
    Then the work corners are polished and cleaned.
  • If the project requires a mullion, this piece is cut and installed.
  • In the next step, rubber seals and fittings are installed.
  • Window glass is cut and then installed.
  • The final product is tested and delivered to the customer at the last stage.

Aluminum window installation tips

  • Try to avoid moving aluminum windows unnecessarily, because these windows suffer a lot of shocks and pressures during installation, which are not applied to them in normal times. So take care of the windows.
  • The best time to install aluminum windows is after plastering and before finishing painting.
  • It is better to adjust these windows with a glass bottom.
  • The aluminum window installer must use standard screws suitable for the weight and dimensions of the window.
  • Since the window adjustment is done when the glass is installed, you can also use the help of a UPVC window installer to install the glass. Also, because the installation of windows and glass are completely related to each other, it is better for the installers of the same team to do it.

Aluminum window installation steps

In short, the steps for installing aluminum windows are as follows:

  1. First, the installation area of the window must be cleaned.
    Then, the location of the screws is determined and marked. (It should be noted that the surface of the joint is important because the type of screws, joints and also how to do this work depends on it)
  2. Markings on the window frame and the installation location, which are usually 30 cm apart, are drilled.
  3. The window is inserted and then fixed with special screws for long-term stability.
  4. Then the window is sealed with foam or silicone glue.
  5. Aluminum profile labels are removed in parts that cannot be accessed after installing the glass.
  6. Then the glass is installed and the window is placed.
  7. In the next step, the window must be adjusted.
  8. The fittings, glass and other essentials of the aluminum window are checked and if
  9. there is a problem, it is fixed.
    The final product is delivered to the customer.

Installation of all kinds of aluminum windows by mahya panjare

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